"My current role as a 'copywriter'?"

And you?


You might just become my next main character.

I capture your voice and vision to craft website copy that represents the business owner you’ve always been. 

I did mention you have main character energy :)

That moment filled with hunger and excitement over the vision of your business. 

Go back to the moment you decided to become an entrepreneur.

You thought the business would flourish with that first client.

But you’ve come to realize that running the business is essentially you trying to put out a bazillion fires every week.

Your to-do list never seems to get checked out and worst of all?

You keep putting off your website because there’s absolutely no way it’s going to look the way you want it to.

Ever said any of the following?

Copy. SHMOPY. Who cares?
Man, i hate showing clients my website.
I’d rather save the money and do it myself.
I’ll get to my website when i have more time.
The last agency I worked with did a terrible job.


Except you’ve been working on your website for a long time.

In fact, raise your hand if you're scared to admit your website doesn't look good.

I have to turn my face away from you for a minute. 

This is what the homepage of my previous website looked like from 2018-2024. 

In fact, because I was too scared to change up my website copy, because as a copywriter myself,
it needed  to look perfect.

So instead of sharing the link to my website, prospects got a very pretty Canva PDF with my work. 

But I was literally losing money and clients by continuing to think my portfolio link and word-of-mouth was enough for me. 

This was me for a long time.

My job here is to


Let’s figure it out together. 

I'm sure you relate.

Your business is taking up so much of your time.
But it's your baby.

So why would you want to delegate an important part of it to someone else?

I’m not just here to be your go-to copywriter.

I’m here to be your strategic partner.

One who guides you on your branding and marketing efforts to have a website that truly represents your business.

Hi, I’m 

And I've been telling stories for as long as I can remember.

I was the kid that got in trouble for daydreaming in class.

Maybe that’s why I’ve worn one-too many hats: photographer, resume designer, theatre kid, dancer, blog writer, short story writer, videographer, video editor, social media manager, SEO specialist, game stall owner (for all of 72 hours back in the 7th grade) and home baker (I still bake those cookies when I'm having a rough day).

Talking with me for the first time?
Feel free to bring these up at any point!

Maria john

I Write Website and Sales Page Copy for Creatives 

And now?

who are ready for a website  they can get excited about.

Here's some of the wonderful people I've worked with.

I'm a copywriter. So, don't just trust my writing.

I started working in Content over six years ago.

Believe it or not,

My old bio as a blog writer.

The only reason I could work my way around starting a business even while getting a Master's degree?

I have my old blogging clients to thank. Who gave me the confidence to say, my writing is worth something.

And of course, my parents - I'm going to be the cheesy kinda person and give dedicate my career to them (you too, lil' sis).

Liked getting to know me? 

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